$149 /mo

For Sites with lots of growing to do!

3 Hrs per month
3 Months Commitment Required

Graphic Design

Web Design

Data Entry & Content Editing

WordPress Updates

Theme Upgrades

Plugin & Security Updates

HTML & CSS Support

Project Management




All of BuildUp + SEO & More!

5 Hrs per month
3 Months Commitment Required

On-Page SEO

Link Building Strategies

SEO Status & Tracking Reports

PHP & Custom Code Improvements

Server Administration

Email List Management Support

Training (Plugin, SEO etc.)

Site Performance Enhancement



$399 /mo

All of BeefUp + Social Media & More!

8 Hrs per month
3 Months Commitment Required

Social Media Messaging

Social Marketing Automation

Social Profile Management

Branding Strategies

Landing Page Optimization

A/B Testing



AZENCE Money Back Guarantee

Try any of our support plans for 30 days with zero risk. If we don’t wow and delight you with our professional care and attention to detail, we’ll give you your money back.

All support plans are monthly for a minimum period of 3 months to achieve maximum results.

BuildUp Support

​Built just for busy solopreneurs, hustlers and go getters just getting started.

Graphic Design

Does your business need a new logo or a logo refresh? How about business cards and brochures? Make your marketing to do list a “to done” list!

WordPress, Plugins & Theme Updates

Get timely WordPress, Plugins & Theme updates tested and installed on your site with the utmost care. We always ensure that you’re running the latest, most secure version, void of compatibility issues.

Template Improvements

From time to time, you may need some html5, CSS and even PHP assistance, especially when there’s compatibility issues with the latest browser, mobile OS or plugin. We don’t expect our clients to be experts at manipulating code. With our support package, just let us troubleshoot and fix it, hassle free.

For the determined entrepreneur who wants to get a handle on optimizing your online marketing efforts.

This package includes white hat seo strategies to grow your online presence with tangible results. What’s more, we’ll do the grunt work so you don’t have to.

Search Engine Optimization

A combination of on-page and off-site link building optimization techniques will be employed to give you a holistic SEO strategy. At the end of each month your project manager will provide you a report of the links we’ve cultivated for you. These links will consist of some if not all of the following so you can be assured that staying with the momentum will only result in quantifiable SERP results for your keywords:

  • Directory Links
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Ads
  • Image Shares
  • Blog Posts
  • Article Submissions

You can be assured that we’ll monitor your Google Analytics, and ensure that your site is compliant for Google via Google Webmaster Tools and other SEO tools in our grab bag of tricks. We’ll ask for your most important keywords and go to work for you!

WordPress, Plugin & SEO Training

Even with a ton of videos and support resources out there for WordPress, popular plugins and seo, we realize that our busy clientele simply cannot keep up with how quickly technology changes, affecting how we use the tools we have. Our training is custom to your set up and can be structured to be as high level or as detailed as you need it to be so you can use your site to the best of your capability.

BeefUp Support & SEO

BeefUp AZENCE Support

PowerUp Support & Social Media

Is social the new SEO? Do your customers communicate with you socially on Facebook, Twitter? If so then this is structured just for you!

Social Marketing Messaging & Automation

Can’t find enough hours in the day to post intriguing posts via your various social channels? Our HootSuite certified social media team will keep the communications lines open with engaging yet useful tidbits. Our tool allows us to write and schedule evergreen posts that will fill your most important social media channels, building up your brand.

Social Profile Management

Your social media channel is a search engine too. So it is important that you keep your profile page charismatic, professional and updated so that in the event that your customer uses social media search engines such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube for search, they find you.

Landing Page Optimization & A/B Testing

Do you have specific products or service pages that could benefit from improved conversion? If you currently engage in any pay-per-click campaigns, chances are you’ll likely benefit from applying landing page optimization techniques that tend to result in increased conversions. We’ll use our tools to create effective lead generation, opt-ins, test and tweak constantly so you’re guaranteed the highest conversion for those critical pages.

We Love Our Customers
And they love us, too 

Wallace Y. Sunnyside Montessori

The exceptional service that we have received from Tricia and her teams. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. The design work and concept have always been responsive to our needs and accomplished the design within our time frame. We highly recommend Azence, truly remarkable services.

Teresa H. Group Publisher & Creative Director, SGBOnline

We worked closely with Tricia and the Azence team to assess the UX experience of our website, our business processes and ultimately implemented solutions that truly improved the functionality of our site. Our clients and site visitors now have a UX experience that speaks to their businesses interests and we are better equipped to tailor our site to the diverse active outdoor b2b consumer that we engage with.

Binxuan C Sales & Marketing Manager, Real China Group

I hired Tricia to build our website on a tight time frame. She totally nailed it within scope and budget by working around the clock. Tricia also had her own high standards that she delivered extra services and values to the website at no extra charge. For a person like Tricia, I would totally love to work with her again and would trust her for the next couple projects.

Jen S.

AZENCE went well beyond my expectations and not only met my needs but exceeded them in every way. They gave me great, individual attention to meet my specific needs. They are very knowledgeable in web design, development, and online marketing. They are quick and communicate along the way about options and progress of the project. I will definitely work with them again in the future without a doubt.

Mara P. COO, DirectNET, Inc.

Tricia understands how to move a company's marketing web presence into something that will be both user-friendly and will optimize search engine results. She is focused on how to put the company's best foot forward at the same time as collaborating with all necessary stakeholders to ensure that all inputs are considered. She lead a major shift in our website which increased the kind of quality leads we wanted.