Boulder Digital Arts

For over 12 years, BDA has been a community-powered resource organization for people who create. Whether you work in film, photography, design, technology or business, BDA seeks to empower your creative process with membership, resources, education, events, community and collaboration.


4BR is Evolving Business Development where all ages, all professions, and all levels of experience join together in a shared desire to be better and do more.


Spending too much time generating proposals and contracts? Now, there’s a simpler way to deliver winning proposals.

Proposify streamlines your sales process and helps you close deals faster.

Revolutionize your sales process

Until now, managing proposals has been tedious and painful. But Proposify changes all that. Proposify revolutionizes the entire sales process, from creation to close and everything between. It’s online business proposal software that gives your sales team the competitive edge.

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In 2009, three friends—Marco, Jonathan, and Sander—noticed a problem. Customers needed help connecting to qualified, local professionals. The same professionals needed customers. As a solution to bring the two together, Thumbtack was born.

Since then, Thumbtack has helped millions of customers with their projects, and reshaping local economies, changing lives. And true to the spirit of Thumbtacks’ customers and pros, everyone is getting things done.