Before we get started on designing your new logo, the following questions help in accessing your needs.

You DO NOT have to fill in all the questions below. However, the more information you provide will help the designer and brand strategist create a more thought out logo.

Logo & Branding Questions:

*Your Name

*Email Address

*Phone Number

*Company Website

1. *How would you describe your services and/or products?

2. Do you have a marketing strategy in place for launching this new logo/business? If so, please share as much as you can. We'll make sure your new logo is aligned with business goals.

3. *Why do you want a new logo? What do you want your new logo to accomplish?

4. Who are your main competitors? If you provide links to them, we'll perform a competitor analysis.
This allows for a better feel for your industry. We'll also position colors for your new logo against your competitors'.

5. How are you different from your competitors?

6. Describe your target audience. Specify age range, industry, gender, interests etc.
This helps in creating the overall look and feel of the logo.

7. Do you have a tag line? If so, please include. Let us know if you would you like it stated alongside your logo.

8. Do you have any specific imagery in mind for your logo? If so, please share:

9. Do you have any color preferences, or existing brand colors?
Provide color codes if available.

10. Do you have any colors that you DO NOT wish to use?

11. *What adjectives should best describe your logo?

12. *What feeling or message do you want your logo to convey? First impressions count!

13. How do you prefer your logo to be worded or written out?
Example: AZENCE or azence or Azence

14. How would you like the typography to appear?
Example: script, bold, light, hand drawn, custom lettering

15. *Where will your logo primarily be used?
If your primary usage is for the web, horizontal logos may work best.

16. What’s your preferred deadline, time frame or exact date of completion?

17. Do you have an estimated budget in mind? Our logo design starter starts at $499. If you are looking to build a strong brand and story around your business, looking for a brand strategy, please specify. Bear in mind that good design takes effort and talent and a great brand lasts!

18. Would you like any additional design services with your new logo?

19. What logos appeal to you and why? Provide links or visual samples if available.

20. If you already have a rough concept or rough sketch please upload it here. This generally helps reduce logo conception time so we can focus our time on look and feel:)